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2005-2007 Rickel Teaching Scholars

Shilendra Arjun was raised on Guyana. He majored in math at Queensborough Community College and is attending Queens College. Shilendra tutors students in math and feels: "The reason why I want to be a teacher is because I love to learn as much as I am willing to inspire."
Peter Barnes is Jamaican, and is currently living in Brooklyn, New York.  He is a Junior at the College of Staten Island and is majoring in liberal arts and science. Peter tutors 7-12th graders in math and science as part of the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program and wants to become a teacher because: "Our public schools need teachers who are willing to do their best to see to the success of their students."
Doris Betnances grew up in the Bronx. In June, 2005 she received an Associate's degree in Education from Hostos Community College and is working toward her Bachelor's degree at St. John's University. Doris is President of the Early Childhood Education Club and has said: "I want to teach children to be just as selfish as I am about making a difference in the world."
Nyron Blake attended high school in Jamaica. He is in teacher education at Medgar Evers College and is student teaching in the fall of 2005. Nyron volunteers at P.S. 115 assisting teachers, and believes that: "All teachers must be aware of the potential that children possess and help in the development of that potential."
Pierre Bolisca was born in Haiti. She has completed her third year of studies in education at Medgar Evers College with a concentraion in biology. Pierre is President of the Education Club and thinks: "The role of the educator is to empower the child by providing the tools and the environment that is conducive to learning."
Mary Bullen was raised in the West Indies, where she attended St. John’s Christian Secondary School. She developed a commitment to public school education after volunteering at P.S. 315 as a Learning Leader Volunteer. Mary’s desire to become a teacher was also influenced by her father, who was principal of The St. John’s Anglican in Gouyave, and who “worked very hard to ensure his children and students got a sound education.”
Mario Carullo is from Westhersfield, Connecticut, and graduated from the John H. Glenn High School. Mario currently attends Marist College, where he majors in mathematics education. He also volunteers as a mentor and math tutor in the Poughkeepsie public schools. Mario strives to convince his students of “the significance mathematics will play in their lives,” and is determined that his faith in his students will encourage their self-esteem and success.
Daniel Erceg, a second year awardee, is from upstate New York and is in his Senior year at Marist College. He is interested in teaching high school math which is his major. A perennial member of the Dean's List, Dan is active in campus and community activities including Liberty Partnership where he works with academically at-risk students.  Dan has said: "With my knowledge and enthusiasm for Mathematics I will inspire students to learn and become hungry for knowledge that will better their lives and society."
Olympia Filosa was raised in Brooklyn. She is a liberal arts and science major at the College of Staten Island where she is entering her Junior year. Olympia is student teaching in the fall of 2005 and states: "I don't want to be just a good teacher. I want to be an exceptional teacher."
Kristian Flores, a Peter Hoffman Scholar, was born and raised in Manhattan. He attended Monroe College in the Bronx and earned an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems. He is currently a senior at John Jay College Majoring in Public Administration.  Kristian believes,"A college education is extremely important, and one should make whatever sacrifices are necessary to accomplish this goal."
Dwight Hallett was raised in Brooklyn and attended Clara Barton High School. He is a mathematics major at the Borough of Manhattan Community College and wants to become a public school math teacher. Dwight also works for the New York City Human Resources Administration to help finance his education. While a Teacher’s Assistant at a high school for children with special needs: “I realized the need to be a positive African-American role model for these children who in 85% of the cases, feared mathematics.”
Kiesia Messado spent her youth in Jamaica. She has attended Kingsborough Community College and transferred to Brooklyn College. Kiesia is interested in science in early childhood education and wants, " make an unforgettable impact upon the lives of those whom I will have the grace to cross paths with in the classrooms of this nation."
Supria Nandi is from Bangladesh where she completed high school at the Barisal Government Women’s College. She is attending the Borough of Manhattan Community College and plans to major in mathematics. Supria believes “teaching is a noble profession . . . I want to become an effective math teacher in the New York Public Schools who will make the subject interesting and exciting for students to learn.”
Ruby Perry was born in Jamaica and currently resides in Briarwood, New York.  She is a mathematics major at Queens College where she is in her Junior year. Ruby is a second year awardee and declares: "I have come to realize that every achievement in life requires patience, commitment and hard work.  Everyday I am faced with this truth as I continue my venture to becoming a teacher."
Carmela Randazzo grew up in Brooklyn and has always dreamed of becoming an elementary school teacher based on the impact that teachers had on her life. She attends Brooklyn College, has been on the Dean's List, and works part time at Family Dental Care. Carmela has said: "Looking back at my childhood years at P.S. 153 ... I can only remember the good times the teachers brought to the classroom."
Martha Santos was born in Ecuador and graduated from the Julio Pierregrosse High School in Manta. She attends the Borough of Manhattan Community College and wants to become an elementary school teacher with a specialization in math and science. Martha believes that “math and science concepts are important and often universal; therefore, I will use the children’s own experiences, cultures and family as tools to make the material easy to understand and engaging.”
Jenna Schebler is from East Northport, New York. She is a mathematics major and is in her Sophomore year at Marist College. Jenna has consistently been on the Dean's List while working at Student Health Services.  She is active in campus activities such as Teachers of Tomorrow and the Math Club. Jenna views teaching as follows: "Earning the opportunity to share my wisdom with the children of future generations is something I look forward to with great enthusiasm and passion."
Leanne Schultz was raised in Oceanside, New York, and graduated from Oceanside High School. As a high school student, Leanne volunteered in elementary schools, and currently works as a tutor while attending Marist College. She plans to become a mathematics teacher for middle school or high school students, and views mathematics as an “essential need.” She hopes to inspire students “to engage and truly appreciate mathematics and its importance.”
Lisa Silverman is a life long resident of the Bronx where she attended Lehman High School and now Lehman College. She is a sociology major who wants to become a public school teacher and is beginning her Junior year in college. Lisa also works part-time in an after school program and believes: "Watching children grow is a wonderful experience and to have the opportunity to see it first hand is rewarding."
Xu Wang lived in the People's Republic of China until immigrating to the United States in 2002. She completed an Associate's degree at Kingsborough Community College and is attending Brooklyn College for a teaching degree. Xu is President of the Asian Society and tutors students in Chinese because "as an immigrated student, I have better understanding of immigrant children's needs."


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