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Vision: The Foundation provides opportunities for individuals to realize their potential as math and science teachers.
Mission: To enhance the quality of primary and secondary teachers by supporting their education.
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The United States is facing a critical shortage of math and science teachers. The economic future of the U.S. depends on having citizens highly trained in math and science and the technology that is based on these subjects. A recent study released by the Program for International Student Assessment ranked our nation 21st out of 30 in scientific literacy (just above the Slovak Republic), and 25th in math literacy (between Spain and Portugal). Well-prepared and committed teachers are the key to reversing this trend. In addition, it is imperative to support students of color to enter the teaching profession because currently they represent only 13% of teachers. It is estimated that by the year 2015 more than 40% of the student population will be of color. Through scholarships and other means, the Foundation is committed to increasing the ranks of math and science teachers in chronically short supply across the nation.

The combined chrysalis and butterfly logo used by the Foundation portrays the transformative nature of education that will provide teachers for tomorrow's classrooms.

Dr. Annette U. Rickel


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